you darn kids these days with your avenue mormon and book of q

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living the princess life ✨👑

Why are you so perfect? :’)

I’m doing a professional show and it’s not going to be special anymore if this weirdo guy does it with me I’m SO MAD

Feeling like Sharpay

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I just found out I got casted in a professional production of High School Musical!! My first regional show :) soooo stoked AHH

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Literally the best Gaston meet I’ve had so far. Our conversation:
Gaston: “Are you Captain Hook?”
Me: “Yes I am, but without a hook.”
Gaston: “Well that is what makes Captain Hook…”
Me: “Yeah but I have two hands and I like to use them.”
Gaston: “I like to use two hands. I have good hands. Pretty talented. -winks-“ 
I still can’t believe that happened to be honest hahaha. I am not complaining one bit.
He then told me that he liked that I was wearing red, because red is a strong color and that I reminded him of a mini Gaston. Yep. 


Royal twirling

this is the best thing I’ve ever seen


I’m sorry professor, I wanted to do my homework… but I’m afraid that the spirit of Broadway took over.


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It’s so nice when people respect the things I am passionate about and are actually interested to hear about it ☺️

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